Recordings as a Leader

Dan Cavanagh and James Miley, featuring John Hollenbeck: Another Life

Another Life Album Cover Art

S/N Alliance 003

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Original compositions by Cavanagh and Miley, plus an expansive take on Lorde’s “Royals” and a Radiohead/Jerome Kern mashup

Releasing Oct 21, 2022 (Japan) & Nov 18, 2022 (Worldwide) on S/N Alliance

Imagine the possibilities for voicing and orchestration afforded by two pianos — two hand-crafted Shigeru Kawai SK3 grands, to be precise — when played by such accomplished masters of the keyboard as Dan Cavanagh and James Miley. On Another Life, their new album for duo piano, synths, and the extraordinary GRAMMY-nominated John Hollenbeck on drums, Cavanagh and Miley are in the finest virtuosic form, not only as players but also as sound designers and forward-thinking artists. What was originally intended as a launching pad for an arranging project for big band, Cavanagh recalls, seemed to cry out for documentation in its own right: a two-piano group with additional electronics.

Spurred in part by the pandemic, Cavanagh and Miley found themselves in their respective corners adding further sonic dimension to Another Life with Logic and MIDI, using synthesizer packages to thicken and color the timbres, accentuate melodies and bass as well. “The electronics pieces took place over time,” says Cavanagh, “with James and I sending versions back and forth over a few months. It was, in some ways, a very group-compositional process.”

At that point, Cavanagh adds, “we decided it would be great to add percussion or drums. James and I both love John Hollenbeck’s drumming and have for years, and his compositional prowess certainly added to the focus of the project (all three of us are composers).” …[read more]

“Composers Dan Cavanagh and James Miley…together with John Hollenbeck tell us they deserve a lot of attention.” – Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen (Norway)

“Relaxed and virtuosic…managing to integrate everything perfectly.” 4/5 stars – Guido Michelone, Il Manifesto (Italy)

“Radiohead and Lorde Songs as New Jazz Standards…gorgeously swinging” – Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine: The Music Collector’s Magazine

Best of 2022 Jazz – Ron Schepper, textura 

Dan Cavanagh and Dave Hagedorn: 20 Years

Cover Graphic for 20 Years album

UT Arlington Records 1002

Dave Hagedorn and Dan Cavanagh first met in 1997 when Dan arrived as an undergraduate student at St. Olaf College. Dave had just been hired as the jazz and percussion professor. Fast forward twenty years later, and they’re on their second album. The first album, Horizon, was independently released in 2010 by Cavanagh and Hagedorn. This second release, released seven years after the first, showcases the maturity, virtuosity, and patience of this group as they continue to explore the intricacies of their vibraphone/piano collaboration.

“A sonic stunner…the highest level of musical conversation…sublime.” – Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Elegant and empathetic…these musicians seem to be moving through the music like mirror images, a musical yin and yang” – Andrea Canter,

“Considerable creative talent…the Cavanagh/Hagedorn duo is clearly a fresh approach…[they] compliment each other perfectly, both sonically and musically.” – John Lang, Percussive Notes


the Dan Cavanagh Trio – The Heart of the Geyser

Heart of the Geyser Album Cover Graphic

Featuring Linda Oh, Bass, and Joe McCarthy, Drumset

– $10.00 + s/h [or purchase via iTunes]

“A surprisingly fine set of sounds…A high level of improvisation within these tunes…Like [Brad] Mehldau’s music, Cavanagh’s sound has a cerebral and sophisticated quality while remaining highly engaging…” – Dan McClenaghan,

Acclaimed as a composer, Dan Cavanagh shows he’s equally at home at the keyboard for this release.  Supported by Linda Oh’s exceptional bass playing and Joe McCarthy’s noted rhythmic sophistication on drums, Cavanagh tiptoes and sprints through an intriguing and beautiful selection of modern jazz piano repertoire. OA2 Records released this disc on April 17, 2012. Download the promo sheet: Heart of the Geyser Press One Sheet.

Listen to Samples:

Dan Cavanagh and Dave Hagedorn: Horizon

Cover graphic for Horizon album

– $10.00 + s/h

Released late 2010, this album documents the ongoing piano/vibes collaboration between Cavanagh and Hagedorn. The record features several originals by Dan as well as fresh, textural takes on tunes from the jazz cannon.

“A sonic stunner…the highest level of musical conversation…sublime.” – Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Elegant and empathetic…these musicians seem to be moving through the music like mirror images, a musical yin and yang” – Andrea Canter,

“Considerable creative talent…the Cavanagh/Hagedorn duo is clearly a fresh approach…[they] compliment each other perfectly, both sonically and musically.” – John Lang, Percussive Notes

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Dan Cavanagh’s Jazz Emporium Big Band: Pulse

Cover image from Pulse album

– $15.00 + s/h

Released November 18, 2008, on OA2 Records. Features all original compositions and an all-star cast of players from around the country.

“Striking big band date…auspicious” – Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

From the OA2 Records Website
Composer and arranger Dan Cavanagh pulls together a creative ensemble of musicians from around the country for his new release, Pulse. A runner up in the 2005 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer’s Competition, Cavanagh’s writing & arranging covers wide expanses through this big band concept album, often interspersed by the readings and poetry of Tim Young. With shades of Jim McNeely, and hints of Bob Florence, Cavanagh’s writing is engaging from the very beginning as he captures the spirit of the music with a patience and maturity that fits neatly in the continuum of modern large ensemble composers, from Gil Evans through Maria Schneider.

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Recordings as a Collaborator/Pianist

Gale Cruz: Hello, It’s Me

Cover Graphic for Things I Like Album

Purchase and hear samples at CD Baby
Gale Cruz is a fantastic singer based in the DFW area. Two of the tracks on this album were accompanied by the American Jazz Composers Orchestra, for which I am the artistic director and pianist.

“One of the most swinging versions ever of You Don’t Know Me.” – Scott Yanow, jazz writer and author

The UT Arlington Jazz Faculty Group

This album, released in 2011, represented the UT Arlington Faculty Jazz Group at the time of recording. Limited numbers of this recording are available, but you can contact the UT Arlington Music Department to inquire about purchasing a copy.


Recordings Featuring Cavanagh's Compositions

The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Cover Graphic for Diaries of Adam and Eve albumAlbany Records (Troy 1791)
Martha Walvoord, violin, and Jack Unzicker, double bass
Includes Reach by Dan Cavanagh
More info and purchase at Albany’s website.

Angel Eyes

Cover Graphic for Angel Eyes albumZoho Records 201408
Afro Bop Aliance Big Band, Joe McCarthy, bandleader
Includes This Is for Albert by Dan Cavanagh (arranger)
More info and purchase at Zoho’s website.


Cover Graphic for Christmas albumBrown Boulevard Records
Nnenna Freelon with the John Brown Jazz Orchestra
Includes I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Dan Cavanagh (arranger)
More info and purchase at CD Baby’s website.

Radiohead Jazz Project

Cover Graphic for Radiohead Jazz Project albumSierra Music Records
Lawrence University Jazz Ensembles, conducted by Fred Sturm and Patti Darling
Includes Packd Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box by Dan Cavanagh (arranger)
More info and purchase at Sierra Music’s website.

Perfect Harmony

Released by Timothy Young
Timothy Young, poet and narrator, Dalyce Young, violin
Includes string quartet interludes for Perfect Harmony for string quartet by Dan Cavanagh
Contact Dan directly to inquire about obtaining this – it is out of print.

Confronting Inertia

Cover Graphic for Confronting Inertia albumOrigin Classical 33007
John Adler, trumpet, and Tracey Cowden, piano
Includes from the barrage comes clarity by Dan Cavanagh
More info and purchase at Origin Classical’s website.