Improvisation Project


My 2015 Improvisation Project features me improvising from scratch once per week. The result is posted online, and the first take is the only take, no matter the outcome. In today’s age of over-produced recordings, putting yourself and your music out to the public in permanent form (i.e. outside live performance) is a rare occurrence.


Photographer Jim Brandenburg, best known for his striking nature Chased by the Light - Improvisation Projectphotography for National Geographic Magazine, embarked on an amazing project in which he took one photograph each day for each of 90 days. He could only take one photograph, and had to publish the result. The resulting book, Chased by the Light: a 90 Day Journey, is phenomenal. Because I’ve been improvising from scratch in many of my concerts for a number of years now, I thought this would be a perfect vehicle to document the psychological and musical opportunities of forcing publishing in what is usually a fleeting art form.

Implementation – Improvisation Project

I’ve begun capturing Brandenburg’s concept in a musical way by recording improvisations from scratch weekly. I videotape the improvisations and upload them online, forcing an examination of what it means to improvise and document one’s improvisation. Several improvisation videos are included here. For a complete listing of the improvisations, as well as additional videos of my concerts and music, visit my YouTube channel. I’ll continue to post videos throughout 2015 and occasionally comment in this space. Spread the word by sharing this post below!

Selected Improvisations


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