UT Arlington Jazz Studies

In addition to composing and playing piano, I serve as the Associate Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. Our program offers a rigorous and broad training in jazz performance and composition. We have both undergraduate and masters degrees on all jazz instruments. If you are interested in the program, visit the UT Arlington Jazz Studies site or contact me with questions. You may view my professional research profile here (hosted on UT Arlington’s site).


the matrix

During my undergraduate years as a composition student, I coded a webpage application that helps with twelve-tone (12-tone) composition, by translating a 12-tone row into the infamous matrix. The page allows for printing, and you can view in either numbers or note names. It has become quite popular with students and researchers needing a quick way to fill out the table. Caveat: if your instructor would like you to do the work by hand, please complete your homework ethically. It is important to understand how the different row forms fit together before using this shortcut.

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